All Your Home Health and Nursing Care at One Place


Home Nursing Services

Pari home health care services offer the same service and care as in the hospital in terms of testing and evaluation by doctors, nurses and other team members.    


Elder Care

Our team of professional nurses can take care of elders at home who are alone at home. We take care of their medical necessities, supervision of their physical well being while keeping them fit. 


In Physiotherapy, we maintain or restore health through physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention and health promotion.


Doctor's Consultation

Our well trained doctors are always there for monitoring the patient’s health and guiding them with proper medication. We are well renowned for professional services and personal care.


Medical Equipments

We provide advanced medical equipment’s for our clients for heath assistance. 

Paralysis Treatment

We also specialize in Paralysis Treatment with the experience of over 15 years in the same.


Trained Attendants

Our Trained and skilled Attendants and nurses are the best in what they do.


Care Taker At Home

We provide advanced medical equipment’s for our clients for heath assistance. 

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